Stan Barua

Stan Barua had his formative years in Poland and in Kenya. Later, in Europe and in Africa, he explored the culture and aspirations of both his homelands. His work with his writer-director brother Jacob Barua captured the attention of the East African region, where they became known as The Barua Brothers. Now, Stan weaves his eclectic perspective into a refined palette of enigmatic elegance and affected realism.

Stan Barua holds a MA in Cinematography degree from the Polish Łódź Film School. His extensive experience as Director of Photography spans over 20 years’ diverse work with European, North and Latin American, as well as African directors, producers and crews across five continents. Stan’s skill with digital cinematography, film and HDTV camera systems comes with calm and detailed collaboration with all departments of production to realize artistically and technically challenging, award-winning stories – without stylistic limits.

Stan is fluent in English, Swahili and Polish.